Our Services

International Industrial Gases Main Services are as under:

  • Bulk gas storage, handling and transportation.
  • Consultancy for industrial gas systems design, storage, handling, transport and disposal of gases.
  • Cryogenic tank & container refurbishment and maintenance including internal leak detection using helium leak detectors.
  • Cylinder & valve maintenance.

    Mode of Supply

    Our plant has a clean and safe environment. Our business is the manufacture and distribution of industrial gases including Nitrogen, Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Argon, Carbonic-oxide, dissolved acetylene, etc..., a broad range of specialty gases, medical gases high purity gases, gas mixtures. ~ addition, IIG supplies liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and C02 in vacuum insulated tanks.


    Ultra-high purity gases of specialty gases (standard mixed-gases, chemical gases, electronic gases) are distrioc:2C by cylinders under pressure. Not only the high quality gaseous products IIG can supply the customer but Go sc IIG can supply high quality equipment related to gas cylinder.

    Liquid Tank

    Liquefied and compressed gases to its customers according to the International Safety Standard.